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WWE All NXT Finishers (2012-2018) - Play4HD.Com
Published: 4 months ago By: MAH RULES

By: MAH RULESPublished: 4 months ago

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Hey guys and what's up MAH here with a new video
This is WWE All NXT Finishers (2012-2018) so don't expect the pre Triple h's NXT era you know what I mean Back when NXT was a reality show I didn't count that and I don't classify that as NXT.

Another big project that I've made and this is something that I wanted to do a long time ago I just didn't have the motivation and the time for it but recently I felt like I can finally do it and there you go after 2 weeks I managed to make this possible and the video is now up on Youtube and I feel proud of this one .
This is one of my personal favorite videos and I had a blast making it which dosen't happen very often . I loved it and I hope you guys love it and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't yet , share with your friends and like .
I've been long time fan of NXT it's getting bigger and better every year and it's going to be a big part of WWE in the future and for me to be able to witness the evolution of the NXT Brand from it's early days really redeem the fact that I missed the attitude era and I don't how NXT it's going to be in the future but right now it's the NXT's attitude era and like him or not Triple h really deserves all the credits for making such a great product and a way better show than the main roster .
Comparing the first year of NXT to the current NXT the wrestling is way way bettter now so is the talent even the crowd they really changed and it's weird to see the guys that now are headlining the shows on the main roster were just a couple of rookies on NXT trying to make a name for themselves and some of them did end up achieving the main goal of NXT and that's preparing talents for much bigger status on the main roster like Roman Reign and Seth Rollins and unfortunately most feels like 2012 was basically the New Generation Era for NXT And now it almost feels like we're in the attitude era like I previously said I don't know it might be just me . Anyway this is legit All NXT finishers compilation I m sure I didn't miss any finishing move .

from Seth Rollins infamous Curb Stomp,to Neville's amazing Red Arrow, Finn Balor's devastating coup de grace to the perfect excution of The Revival's Shatter Machine and the brutality Of the Muscle Buster by Samoa Joe all the way to Black Mass and the Kinshasa By the masters of kicks Aleister Black and Shinsuke Nakamura , This is WWE All NXT Finishers

By the way , let me know what's your favorite finishers in the comments down below

Doing the All finishers compilation videos is acually a lot of fun
and if you have any suggestion for the next edition of the series just leave a comment below

Thank you for watching, don't forget to subscribe , see you soon
Bye Bye

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