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How to naturally unblock your sinuses in 3 easy steps! - Play4HD.Com
Published: 1 year ago By: Austin Goh

By: Austin GohPublished: 1 year ago

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Do you have trouble breathing through your nose?

Have you been suffering from sinus problems? The oxygen around us is keeping us alive. But it can be a struggle if you can not even breathe properly...

A lot of solutions require third party tools, salt water in the nose. But these are still not what I consider natural.


It’s is important that you do not attempt to put any water into the nostrils to try to clear the mucous.

Water contains bacteria that can cause more harm than good if your sinus are infected.

The nostrils, ear drum, lungs and even the brain are all connected, so the last thing you want, is for any water to find their way into these areas causing an infection.

One last thing, please do not swallow your mucous as it’s full of bacteria, so always have a tissue ready to spit it out.

If you follow this simple exercise for 3 weeks - your sinuses will start to unblock.


You should even feel the result after 3 tries.

Leave a comment with how you get on.

If you can't breathe properly through your nose, have a pollern allergy and any other underlying issue, then you will need a different routine which can you read here:

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