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Kali Basti (1985) Hindi Full Movie | Shatrughan Sinha | Reena Roy | Vijayendra Ghatge | - Play4HD.Com
Published: 2 years ago By: MOVIE TEE VEE ENTERPRISES

By: MOVIE TEE VEE ENTERPRISESPublished: 2 years ago

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Title : Kali Basti (1985)
cast: Shatrughan Sinha, Reena Roy, Vijayendra Ghatge
director: Sudesh Issar

Widowed Durga Singh lives with two children, a son, Karan, and daughter, Rakhi. When Thakur attempts to molest her, Karan comes to her rescue and kills him. Durga asks Karan to run away, or else the villagers will beat him and then turn him over to the police. Karan obeys her, and as a result is separated from the rest of his family. Karan is looked after an alcoholic Peter Pereira and his wife, Mary, both childless. This is how Karan grows up. Years later Karan has grown up and has made a reputation for himself, a reputation that is frowned upon by both the police and the underworld. When Police Inspector Raghuvanshi takes charge, he summons a number of known gangsters, including Karan Singh, and warns them against committing any more crimes. Shortly thereafter, Raghuvanshi is killed, and the police launch a manhunt for the culprit, who they believe is Karan and his boss, and former enemy, underworld don, Kuber Nath. The question remains who or what patched up the differences between Karan and Kuber, did Karan really kill Raghuvanshi, and will he ever be re-united with his mom and sister?

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