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Woman Challenging Zakir Naik on Polygamy - Play4HD.Com
Published: 8 years ago By: messageOFmessengers

By: messageOFmessengersPublished: 8 years ago

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Proud Indian (Hindu) woman doesn't see any logic in Polygamy (Polygyny to be more precise). She believes it's "one man, one woman." However, by end of Dr. Zakir Naik's reply, she is not so sure about "one man, one woman" anymore.

Polygamy in Islam with Dr. Bilal Philips: http://Play4HD.com/watch/YLHft5MbdBs

A medical doctor by professional training, Dr. Zakir Naik is renowned as a dynamic international orator on Islam and Comparative Religion. Dr. Zakir Naik is the president of Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai. Dr. Zakir clarifies Islamic viewpoints and clears misconceptions about Islam, using the Quran, authentic Hadith and other religious Scriptures as a basis, in conjunction with reason, logic and scientific facts. He is 44 years old.

He is popular for his critical analysis and convincing answers to challenging questions posed by audiences after his public talks. In the last 13 years (by the year 2009) Dr. Zakir Naik has delivered more than 1300 public talks in the U.S.A., Canada, U.K., Italy, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Botswana, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Guyana (South America), Trinidad, and many other countries, in addition to numerous public talks in India.

He has successfully participated in several symposia and dialogues with prominent personalities of other faiths. His public dialogue with Dr. William Campbell (of USA) on the topic The Quran and the Bible in the light of Science held in Chicago, U.S.A., in April, 2000 was a resounding success.

His Interfaith Dialogue with prominent Hindu Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the topic The Concept of God in Hinduism and Islam in the light of Sacred Scriptures held at Palace Grounds, Bangalore, on 21st Jan. 2006, was highly appreciated by people of both the faiths.

In the issue dated 22nd Feb. 2009 of the Indian Express list of the 100 Most Powerful Indians in 2009 amongst the billion plus population of India, Dr. Zakir Naik was ranked No. 82. In the special list of the Top 10 Spiritual Gurus of India Dr. Zakir Naik was ranked No. 3, after Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, being the only Muslim in the list.

Dr. Zakir Naik stood out most eloquently for Islam and Muslims in the present times on one of the leading and most respected News Channel of India, NDTV 24 x 7, during the Guest this week interview programme Walk the Talk conducted by host Shekhar Gupta (Editor-in-Chief of Indian Express) telecast on 7th and 8th March 2009.

The Sunday EXPRESS, dated 31st January 2010, published The Indian Express list of the 100 MOST POWERFUL INDIANS IN 2010 amongst the Billion Plus population of India, with 36 names from the 2009 List deleted, wherein:-
1) Dr. ZAKIR NAIK was ranked No. 89.

2) From amongst the few Muslims in this list of 100, Dr. ZAKIR NAIK is the ONLY MUSLIM ISLAMIC PREACHER / SCHOLAR / ORATOR. The others being a Political Secretary, a Politician, a Government Official, a Business Magnate and 3 Film Personalities.

3) Amongst the Spiritual/Religious Gurus though he was the only Muslim and No. 3 in 2009 list, this year (2010) Dr. Zakir Naik TOPPED the List of Spiritual / Religious Gurus at No. 89, for preaching of Islam, followed by Jaggi Vasudev (at No. 94, for his trees planting work), Baba Ramdev (at No. 99, for his Yoga work) and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (at No. 100, for his Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique work) respectively.

4) Dr. Zakir Naik was recently also selected and listed in The 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World (without rankings) published by the George Washington University, USA.

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, the world famous orator on Islam and Comparative Religion, who had called Dr. Zakir Deedat Plus in 1994, presented a plaque in May 2000 with the engraving Awarded to Dr. Zakir Abdul-Karim Naik for his achievement in the field of Dawah and the study of Comparative Religion. Son what you have done in 4 years had taken me 40 years to accomplish, Alhamdulillah.

Dr. Zakir Naik appears regularly on many international TV channels in more than 200 countries of the world. He is regularly invited for TV and Radio interviews. More than a hundred of his talks, dialogues, debates and symposia are available on DVDs and VCDs. He has authored many books on Islam and Comparative Religion.

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