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Aerokinesis MEGA BLAST (Leaf Tornadoes) - Play4HD.Com
Published: 4 years ago By: Michael Grubb

By: Michael GrubbPublished: 4 years ago

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Aerokinesis MEGA BLAST ANALYSIS VIDEO (Leaf Tornadoes)
Also, I have officially posted the world's first 360 degree energy video which OUTRIGHT ELIMINATES any idea that Evolved Ministry fakes it's connection. Here are two videos, all you need to do is click on it.
I made that video specifically for the silly skeptics^^^ There is officially no hopes at debunking any longer.

This is a DIRECT UPLOAD. This video is a segment of an entire video which will be going up shortly featuring the day of March 19, 2014. This video in its entirety will probably be around 45 minutes long, maybe longer. It shows building this environment from absolutely zero energy to the present point. There is much more to be seen in this video, but, I felt as a taster, that this segment was perfect to upload from beginning to end. Hope you enjoy.

And this video here is for those who love to throw out the "leaf blower" excuse. BTW- the leaf blower sound is me humming like I do in all of the other videos that are in my channel. I find it downright sad that the internet is right there at the disposal of people and they don't have the volition to even do a search to find additional vids to compare to. So, again...the SOUND that you're hearing is my own voice. I even have videos of me showing others how to do that same sound. Nonetheless, here's a couple of vids. Find the leaf blower. ;)

^^^IF you can find a leaf blower there in the vids posted above, then that excuse will finally have some merit.^^^

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