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The Internet of Things(IoT) is transforming every business. Industries are going major transformation of workflow, and New Industry 4.0 standards are being introduced and implemented amongst various organizations & industries day by day. There are numerous IoT platforms available now, but lack of industry specific platforms made us build TrackSensor.

Demand for water is rising rapidly over the globe, but resources are not. This has given birth to the complex water distribution infrastructure. The Internet of Things has powered the world to get machines and sensors to be connected. Machines & Sensors can exchange information and communicate with each other. Connecting water distribution infrastructure smartly has the potential to revolutionize the industry.

Hence the comprehensive solution for water distribution industry, TrackSensor is built. TrackSensor is specially designed & developed for water storage, cleaning & distribution industry. We have built a platform that can communicate with sensors and absorb the sensor data to analyse and process it.