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Our Features

Controlled user access

One of the biggest challenges IT managers face today is control. Role based user access enables us with restricting access to authorized users in different areas of applications. Currently we have 2 different roles implemented in the system, and we will improve it more in the future.

M2M Gateway Configuration

Machine to machine communication is a primary requirement of IoT industry, and we have implemented it nicely into this platform. Currently we are accepting two most common and available protocol available for the enterprise integration.

  • 1. SMS
  • 2. GPRS

These are easily available options in far remote areas as well, enabling you to easy implementation. We have smart alarm detection algorithm in place to detect and trigger alarms if device start and stops working.

Sensor Options

IoT could not exist without sensors, and the increasing use of technology is transforming world rapidly. Hence keeping in mind the water supply management industry we have included the support for maximum types of sensors used in this industry.

Sensors like flow, level, turbidity, ph meters, totalizer and etc. are primarily used in water supply networks. Hence we have classified these into Digital and Analog categories. So we can monitor totalizing readings and spot readings unlikely each other.

Water Audit

A turn key feature in water supply networks, can really be helpful in more complex tasks like water leaks & theft protection management and consumption control. Here you just need to define source and destination sensors, and our unmatched algorithm will do the the rest for you. It can produce very accurate reports based on available data.


Getting an indication of something going wrong is a great thing. You can configure alarms based on sensors data compared to the respective datum. It has many options to configure an alarms and trigger it. Like you can set the alarm margins, intervals, maximum no of triggers and etc. This analytical and indication technology can reduce the work upto a great extent, and increase the productivity of your water supply networks. This will help you to utilize your time to work on something else.

Daily Alerts

Yes, we have alerts too though there are alarms available. Let us explain why is it so. Consider everything is running smoothly and no alarms are being generated. But you still need to have sneak peek of the site. Here comes alerts, you can schedule it for your convenience. System will analyze the data as per interval selected. Then it will send you an alert.


Reporting, analytics and information delivery can have a transformational impact on an organization if implemented correctly. Targeted delivery of data and reporting and analytics capabilities plays a major role in decision making process. Which can surely result in increased productivity.

Realtime Insight

The power of real time insight, your data is analyzed and displayed in real time. To solve problems quickly and effectively. That means not just having access to a lot of information, but having access to the most current information and identifying what’s most useful to make smarter decisions about your equipment. Which allow you to tap into the moving flow of data and turn potential insights into actionable information.